Asset Management, Right into Your Data Endpoints


Asset Management, Right from Your Sport Data Endpoints

The primary objective of a datahub is to drastically accelerate the iterations of delivering value added to customers. To do this, there are imperatives of flexibility, stability and scalability. Specializing in sport since inception, the Fluid Datahub perfectly fulfills these missions, being natively multi-sport and vendor-agnostic.

Beyond the Datapoint

Beyond the datapoint, the management of player photos, team logos, multicam replay clips, and other jersey images, must be part of this approach of consistency and fast and risk-free delivery. The Fluid Datahub integrates, at the heart of its sport APIs, functionalities to manage, reference, and distribute to webscale, all the assets essential for the proper functioning of apps and services:

  • with consistency: a modified asset is automatically accessible to all services
  • with localization: respecting web standards (fr_fr, en_uk, etc)
  • respecting the context: a player’s photo is not the same, depending on whether it is a national championship match, Champions Leagues, or the national team.

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