Delight Your Developers, Optimize the Costs


Internal or partners, development teams are key to the success of your sports product. Which product cannot do without a flexible and versatile infrastructure for live and historical data.

For Developers by Developers

The engineers behind the Fluid Datahub platform have long been involved in sport-specific award-winning projects. They have given all their experience to make the platform’s APIs a pleasure to use, while guaranteeing a high level of quality, outstanding reliability and adequate depth. Your teams will enjoy focusing again on the core business rather than plumbering many data feeds down into their apps. Last but not least, the Fluid Datahub integration endpoint will save a lot of time.

Flexible Distribution Layer

The Fluid Datahub endpoints are accessible in REST or Messaging Queue, JSON or XML, Push or Pull. Several connectors are available to simplify and increase your production workflows. Custom formats are also available on request. Of course, the Fluid Datahub’s capabilities are available regardless of vendor, language, sport, or competition, and compatible with any CDN.

Checkout the APIs:

  • Integration as a Service
  • Localization
  • Templating
  • Distribution
  • Replay

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