No More Hassles with That Many Data Vendors and Formats


An Ubiquitus Multi-Sports, Multi-Vendors Solution

Are you a broadcaster dedicated to bring the best games to your customers? A league or a team eager to embed more valuable audience to your brand? A news agency, with the mission to be first on the social networks with that adhoc datapoint people with rush on to? Are you developing services or applications, or bringing innovation with a new production workflow?

Well, there is a good news:

The days of dealing with that many hetereogeous datasets are over, and it is now fine to allocate all your resources to your product. How so? The Fluid Sport Datahub will seamlessly:

  • ingest data in realtime from Stats, Opta, SportRadar, ENetPulse, etc
  • Give you standardized localized APIs agnostic of the data vendor, or the sport, or the competition
  • For live and historical data
  • With a compelling distribution layer built for webscale, as well as private channel to fuel your internal workflows.

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